Simple Safety Solutions Tieback Anchors

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Without sacrificing safety, our Tieback Anchors are an economical choice compared to many alternative solutions.

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Conform to all standards, state and provincial labor and safety codes including material standards relating to anchor fabrication, window cleaning and other suspended maintenance operations.


Offered in range different mounting options to fit the construction and composition of your roof. Attachment options include D-ring, U-bar, and tapped hole to receive lifeline attachments.

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Hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior and are Cal/OSHA compliant, resisting up to 5,400 lbf (24kN) in any direction without fracture or pullout and 2,500 lbf (11.1kN) without any permanent deformation.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: No tie off options or guardrail

The Solution: Tieback Anchors

a range of types and Mounting options:






Screw On

Curb Anchor

Wall Anchor

A Variety of Applications

Tieback Anchor application

Tieback anchor

These anchors provide a secure attachment point for window washing and façade maintenance equipment.

Single point anchor

Single point anchors allow one user to safely tie off with the use of a lanyard or retractable fall protection device.

Lifeline anchor

Connect Kee Line® horizontal lifeline to provide continuous safety with productivity and mobility.

Key Features

Rust Free

Corrosion is the enemy of rooftop anchor points, particularly in the rainy Pacific Northwest. That’s why we designed our insulated tieback anchors to prevent condensation and keep your safety investment in top condition for the long term.

Cost Effective

Tieback anchors provide invaluable safety benefits to companies and workers. Fortunately, they’re also inexpensive to install and can prevent future liability costs.

Top Strength and Durability

Comprehensive code compliance is our bottom line. We manufacture our tieback anchors to the highest OSHA and ANSI standards, with structural steel tube baseplates and the strength to resist up to 24kN of force in any direction without fracture or pullout. That’s because you need safety products you can trust with your life, not just today but in the long term.

Simple and Invaluable

When it comes to safety tools, you don’t want workers to have to puzzle through complicated instructions or undergo extensive training—you want tools that can be used quickly, safely, and without interrupting your workers’ flow.

Benefits of Simple Safety Tieback Anchors

Tieback anchors are indispensable safety components for workers operating at height. They offer several key benefits that enhance their safety and efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

The primary benefit of tieback anchors is their ability to significantly reduce the risk of falls from height. By providing a reliable connection point for fall protection equipment such as harnesses and lanyards, anchor points can save lives in the event of a slip or trip.

Increased Mobility

Work at height is rarely limited to a single small area. While worker safety is paramount, the ability to quickly navigate complex or expansive work environments is the next priority. Tieback anchors enable workers to move freely within a work area while remaining safely tethered to an anchor point, allowing them to focus on their work without being hindered by restrictive safety measures.


Tieback anchors are compatible with various fall protection systems, including lifelines, self-retracting lanyards, and shock-absorbing lanyards. This versatility allows workers and safety professionals to select the most suitable fall protection equipment for the specific job requirements, ensuring optimal safety and compliance with regulations.


The best safety solutions don’t have to hurt your bottom line. Investing in tieback anchors is a cost-effective way to mitigate the risk of falls and protect workers’ lives. By implementing robust fall protection measures, employers can avoid costly accidents, injuries, and potential legal liabilities associated with workplace falls.

Peace of Mind

It’s hard to do your best work when you’re constantly concerned about your safety. For workers operating at height, knowing that they are securely anchored to a reliable tieback anchor provides invaluable peace of mind. This sense of security can boost morale and promote productivity, getting jobs done faster, better, and safer.

the Bottom Line

Tieback anchors are the most cost-effective, flexible, and secure method of keeping workers safe on Pacific Northwest roofs. Install them during construction or as a retrofit and unlock a new level of rooftop safety for your entire team.


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