Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Walkway

Minimize roof damage and provide workers at height with a level, safe rooftop walkway.

  • The Ultimate Walkway for Roof Workers: A rooftop walkway offers the best fall prevention for roof access.
  • Stay on the Level: Provide a level work surface on any flat, barrel, or sloping roofs up to 35 degrees. Compatible with membrane, profiled, and standing seam metal roofs for maximum versatility.
  • Universal Mounting Hardware: Installs fast on any rooftop.
Custom Made Roof Crossover Products


Made from tubular fittings and standard modules so it can be installed on-site without any welding. Comes in a kit form in standard sizes and can be quickly installed to create a safe working area.

Corrosion Resistant Icon


The safety guardrail is built from 48.3mm tube with galvanized corrosion resistant fittings and safety handrails. Aluminum guardrail is also available using modular fittings.

Versatile Products


Designed for use on all major roofing system with roof pitch inclines up to 35°. The Rooftop Walkway with Guardrail System can also be used in conjunction with our range of steps, platforms and step-overs when negotiating changes in level.

Enhance Productivity


Specially developed to give total flexibility in creating safe access to all areas of a roof on a stable, secure, clearly defined access path that distributes weight and eliminates foot traffic on the roof sheet.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: navigating Dangerous Rooftops

Slanted or uneven terrain, potential fall hazards, and obstacles like skylights and equipment make rooftop navigation inherently dangerous. According to OSHA, falls from roofs account for a significant portion of workplace fatalities, with statistics indicating that falls are one of the leading causes of death in the construction industry. The unpredictable nature of roof surfaces increases the likelihood of falls whenever a worker has to perform rooftop or equipment maintenance.

Additionally, industrial roofs may be subject to adverse weather conditions, particularly in the wet Pacific Northwest, further heightening the risk of accidents. These factors underscore the importance of implementing robust fall protection measures to address slippery and uneven surfaces in rooftop environments.

The Solution: Rooftop Walkways

Rooftop walkways provide a comprehensive solution to the safety challenges of rooftop work. Our rooftop walkways feature a modular design and can be customized and installed to suit various rooftop configurations, obstacles, and access points. Whether spanning rooftop gaps, providing access over equipment, or connecting different roof sections, these walkways offer versatility and adaptability to meet the unique needs of any rooftop environment.

These rooftop walkways are an excellent investment in worker safety and the integrity of your roof’s structure. Walkway systems provide sturdy and level pathways for workers to navigate rooftops safely instead of walking directly on them. Minimizing direct contact with the roof’s surface reduces the risk of damage, wear and tear, and other issues that may shorten the roof’s lifespan and require expensive repairs.

With their durable construction and non-slip surface, rooftop walkways ensure reliable traction and stability even in adverse weather conditions. This added element enhances workers’ safety and confidence as they move across rooftops, regardless of environmental factors.

Key Features


Delivered in five and ten-foot pre-assembled modular sections for fast and easy installation.


Made from glass-reinforced nylon treads attached to aluminum support beams.


Withstands a downward or outward force of at least 200 pounds within two inches of the top edge at any point along the top rail.

A Safe Path

These walkways provide a clear, designated pathway for workers to traverse rooftops safely, minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Durable / Non-Slip

We build our walkways to withstand the rigors of rooftop environments, providing durability you can trust for decades. The non-slip surface ensures secure footing for workers, even in wet or slippery conditions. Galvanized steel or aluminum provides the strength your rooftop walkway needs to survive the elements.

Compliant Design

Rooftop walkways comply with relevant safety regulations and standards, ensuring that employers meet their legal obligations and provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Benefits of a Rooftop Walkway

Rooftop walkways are a fast and reliable safety solution to protect your roof and rooftop workers, with modular installation and total versatility.


Trapezoidal, profile, composite, or built-up and standing seam metal roofs—all of these roof constructions are great matches for our rooftop walkways, including roofs with inclines of up to 35 degrees. Universal mounting hardware with free-standing weighted bases allows these walkways to be adjusted on-site to perfectly fit your roof’s slope, materials, and shape.

Fast Installation

No welding required. Rooftop walkways are modular, simplifying the installation process and minimizing disruption to roofing materials. These solutions can be set up quickly in any configuration you desire and adapted to the shape of your roof as needed.

Protects Roof

Falls are just one of the risks of working on rooftops. Workers can also inadvertently damage expensive rooftop materials or equipment. Rooftop walkways protect roof surfaces from damage caused by foot traffic, providing a safe path for workers to move and avoid delicate equipment or fragile areas.

the Bottom Line

Rooftop walkways provide a reliable solution for ensuring safe traversal across rooftops while protecting the integrity of the roof surface. Their durable construction and non-slip surfaces enhance worker safety and preserve roof longevity, making them an essential investment for any rooftop environment.


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