Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Guardrail

Safe. Dependable. Adaptable. Rooftop guardrails offer the protection your northwest workers need without compromising the integrity of your roof structure.

  • Non-Penetrating Design: Avoid the risk of roof leaks with innovative cantilevered rails.
  • Beyond OSHA Recommendations: Achieve total peace of mind with a rail system that exceeds all safety requirements.
  • Fits Any Roof: These guardrails offer a modular solution for any roof shape or material.
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Non-penetrating design and freestanding base provide a secure ballasted roof railing solution without causing leaks or damage to rooftops.

Durable Products


Our fall protection engineers design guardrail safety systems that exceed OSHA standards to ensure compliance and peace of mind for all.

Versatile Products


Seamlessly blend with existing fall protection, complement building aesthetics, work around obstacles, and handle elevation changes.

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Galvanized inside and out, Kee Guard® rooftop guardrail offers sleek looks and excellent corrosion resistance for tough environments.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: exposed roof edge

Protecting workers on Pacific Northwest rooftops presents a significant challenge for employers across various industries. While ensuring the safety of personnel is paramount, traditional methods of rooftop fall protection often involve penetrating the roof membrane to install permanent guardrails.

This approach poses logistical challenges and even risks compromising the integrity of the roof structure, leading to potential leaks and costly repairs. Many of these safety solutions also require training or workers to wear restrictive personal protective equipment (PPE), which adds to the cost of implementation.

Additionally, many rooftops feature unique configurations and obstacles, such as HVAC units, skylights, and access hatches, further complicating the installation of traditional guardrail systems. As a result, employers must grapple with the dilemma of providing adequate fall protection without compromising the roof’s structural integrity or impeding access for maintenance and other activities.

The Solution: Rooftop Guardrails

Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Guardrails offer a simple solution to the challenge of rooftop fall protection. These innovative guardrails feature a cantilever design that securely attaches to the rooftop edge without drilling or penetrating the roof surface.

Their modular design allows rooftop guardrails to be installed anytime, offering flexibility and adaptability to suit a variety of rooftop environments. Their freestanding nature also makes them suitable for use on various roof surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, PVC, membrane, and felt, without the risk of damage or leaks. In addition, rooftop guardrails offer passive protection. These systems protect workers by simply being there — no additional training or PPE required.

Whether retrofitting existing structures or integrating fall protection measures into new construction projects, these guardrails offer unmatched versatility and convenience.


A full range of passive fall protection systems designed
to bring rooftop work into OSHA/ANSI compliance.


Self-supporting guardrail system for concrete, asphalt, PVC, membrane and felt roof surfaces with up to 5 degree slope.

Standing Seam

A system that accommodate ridges, valleys, corners, and changes in level without drilling or roof penetration.


Bring work around low restraining walls into compliance by adding height and safety with this modular guardrail system.


Systems that clearly mark access points and prevent people from falling through open hatches and unguarded skylights.


Cantilever Design

The design of the weighted bases distributes weight to ensure railing systems remain securely in place.


Hot-dipped galvanized finish and case-hardened steel components provide long-term durability, even in harsh rooftop environments.


Non-penetrating systems make them suitable for various roof surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, PVC, membrane, and felt

the Bottom Line

Investing in rooftop guardrails is an intelligent choice for employers looking for comprehensive fall protection without compromising the integrity of the roof structure. Whether protecting workers on rooftops or enhancing the safety of rooftop access points, Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Guardrails offer unmatched protection.


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