Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Crossovers

Bypass any rooftop obstacle safely and easily using a rooftop crossover. These modular systems are easy to install and ensure any Pacific Northwest rooftop can meet the highest safety standards.

  • Safe and Easy Access: Create a non-slip, durable walkway that allows people to easily move over gaps, pipes, equipment, and differing roof heights.
  • Fits Any Roof Construction: Our modular design requires no penetration of the roof membrane, making it a perfectly customizable option for any rooftop.
  • Fast Installation: All the benefits of a custom-built system, ready to use in half the time.
Custom Made Roof Crossover Products


Designed to suit your exact work application as simple as a pre-engineered stock platform to a full phase style maintenance platform designed for complete 360 degree access and coverage.

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All platforms, walkways, and access systems are engineered to withstand daily frequent use and abuse from personnel and weather/environmental.

Versatile Products


A portfolio of solutions which are often designed to adapt to changing needs and allow people to work safely, whether they are on a roof or within a production environment.

Enhance Productivity


Our modular and engineered platforms, stands feature agronomic designs that improve safety and enhance productivity.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: Rooftop Obstacles

Rooftops are inherently dangerous places. Their height poses a serious risk to the safety of workers who need to access them for maintenance, inspections, or equipment servicing. Workers also face obstacles and uneven surfaces on rooftops, which increase the risk of falls or injuries. Local workers face the added challenge of working in rainy northwest weather that can make heights even more dangerous. Without a clear, safe pathway with good traction, workers can be in real danger whenever they access the roof.

Traditional methods of bypassing rooftop obstacles, such as ladders or makeshift walkways, are often inadequate and even unsafe, increasing the risk of accidents. Additionally, accessing rooftops may require navigating around HVAC units, skylights, or other obstacles, further complicating the process and putting workers at risk. Some workers even climb on or over rooftop machinery, which can cause expensive damage to essential equipment.

The best solution is one that eliminates the necessity of climbing or constructing temporary structures to move around uneven or obstructed roof surfaces. A permanent crossover system provides ultimate worker safety and equipment protection in these instances.

The Solution: Rooftop Crossovers

Simple Safety Solutions Rooftop Crossovers offer a comprehensive solution to safe roof access. These innovative crossovers provide sturdy and permanent pathways for workers to traverse rooftops safely, minimizing the risk of falls.

These modular rooftop crossovers can be easily customized and installed to accommodate various rooftop configurations and obstacles. Their durable construction and non-slip surface technology provide reliable traction and stability, even in adverse weather conditions. Whether spanning rooftop gaps, providing access over barriers, or connecting different roof sections, these crossovers offer workers a convenient and safe solution.

Key Features

  • Totally Secure: Base feet can be roof-mounted, fixed, or a combination of both.
  • Platform Size: Select from various heights and lengths for ultimate customization.
  • Roof Types: Rooftop crossovers are an excellent option for metal, standing seam, and all other roofing styles. They offer hundreds of different fittings to ensure the best system for your needs.
Safely Traverse Roof Elevations

Multi-level roofs provide many access challenges. A rooftop crossover offers a secure pathway for workers to navigate between varying heights. When gaps between rooftops or sections of a roof exist, rooftop crossovers can act as bridges, spanning these openings and providing a continuous pathway for workers to cross safely.

Navigate Obstructions

Rooftop crossovers offer a safe way of moving around obstacles such as HVAC units, skylights, or rooftop piping systems. By providing a raised platform above any obstacles, crossovers allow workers to navigate the roof environment without the risk of tripping, falling, or damaging equipment. They also provide the best access to perform maintenance on vital systems.

Customizable Design

Whether spanning rooftop gaps, providing access over obstacles, or connecting different roof sections, rooftop crossovers offer versatile solutions for safe rooftop access. A modular design allows for easy customization and installation, ensuring compatibility with various rooftop configurations and obstacles. This versatility makes for faster delivery, quick installation, and a minimum wait between you and a safer rooftop.

Durable Non-Slip Construction

Rooftops take on the full force of the sun and rainy weather, which means that any rooftop structure must be strong enough to last. We build these crossovers from high-quality anodized aluminum or galvanized steel to withstand the rigors of northwest rooftop environments, providing long-lasting durability and reliability. Their non-slip surface features high-grade nylon treads, checker plates, or grating to ensure safe footing even in wet or slippery conditions.

The Benefits of Rooftop Crossovers

Rooftop crossovers not only provide passage for rooftop workers but also help protect the integrity of the roof membrane by reducing foot traffic on the roof itself.

Fast Installation

Unlike welded solutions, which require long delivery and installation timeframes, our modular rooftop crossovers can be installed twice as fast as fabricated structures without sacrificing customizability.

Enhanced Safety

Heights, obstructions, hot utility pipes, and skylights—all of these hazards and more are common on the average rooftop. Crossovers, which provide a secure pathway for workers to traverse rooftops, help prevent injuries and allow workers to perform essential tasks efficiently.

Top Tier Compliance

When it comes to safety, you want the absolute best. That’s why we ensure that our rooftop crossovers not only meet but exceed the minimum standards required by OSHA. For the longest-lasting safety, we measure the deflection and residual deformation under specified loads and ensure our products surpass all testing to earn a CE mark under the European Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011. These rigid requirements ensure that employers meet their legal obligations and provide a safe working environment for their employees.


Any time you breach your roof membrane, you run the risk of causing leaks and other problems down the line. Our innovative design is made from tubular fittings with a weighted base that requires no welding for a fast and easy installation.

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