Simple Safety Solutions Roof Hatch Railing

Globally trusted hatch protection that gives your workers total confidence on the job.

  • Instant Fit: Fits any hatch with a non-penetrating modular system.
  • Safety-First Design: Innovative self-closing function.
  • Simple Implementation: One person can install this system in 20 minutes.
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Our design concept is simple. We use strong structural tube and modular aluminum fittings to build flexible, lightweight and corrosion systems to fit any hatch configuration.

Versatile Products


More than 80 models are available to fit any size or manufacturer’s roof hatch or fire vent. Made of aluminum, not plastic. Most railing systems are in stock and ready for shipment.

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The mounting brackets bolt directly to the hatch frame, saving your roof membrane from any damage.

Enhance Productivity


The roof hatch railing protects the opening and becomes a grab rail for climbers, ensuring safer transitions.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: open Roof Hatches

Navigating rooftop hatches presents a host of safety concerns. When workers must access a roof, uneven or rain slicked surfaces coupled with the transition to or from a ladder can make an open hatch a severe safety hazard.

OSHA mandates protecting roof access points with standard railings and gates, yet accidents still occur due to insufficient safety measures. Many workers also prefer not to close rooftop hatches to avoid lockouts, adding urgency to this critical fall-prevention safety measure.

Without proper protection, rooftop hatches remain potential accident sites, jeopardizing worker safety and exposing northwest employers to liabilities. The good news is that a simple fix can prevent these dangers.

The Solution: Roof Hatch Railing Kits

Roof hatch railings are the ultimate solution for rooftop hatch safety. We engineer these railings to comply with OSHA standards, ensure safe egress and ingress through hatches, and safeguard the roof opening when the hatch is in use. They seamlessly integrate with existing openings and ladderways, providing a comprehensive safety solution for rooftop access points.

Key Features

Secure Roof Access

We design roof hatch railings to protect access points around rooftop hatches, mitigate the risks of accidents, and provide a secure barrier to prevent unauthorized entry. In addition to safety concerns, hatch railings make climbing on and off the roof easier by offering more grab points to maintain three points of ladder contact.

Versatile Designs

With standard, forward barrier, offset, double leaf, and fire vent configurations, we have a safety railing that perfectly fits Bilco, Babcock Davis & Nystrom RailingReady roof hatches, and all others.


The roof hatch railing system is constructed from high-quality materials and built to withstand the rigors of rooftop environments and wet Pacific Northwest winters, providing long-lasting reliability. Aluminum is a longer-lasting alternative to plastic or FRP that withstands year-round UV exposure without breaking.

Self-Closing Gate

The roof hatch railing system features a self-closing gate mechanism, which enhances safety during transitions through rooftop hatches and ensures that the opening is securely enclosed when not in use.


The system’s mounting brackets attach directly to the hatch frame without penetrating the roof membrane or hatch curb, preserving the integrity of the roof structure against wet weather and minimizing potential damage.

Exceeds OSHA

The roof hatch railing system meets and exceeds OSHA requirements for rooftop safety, providing a compliant solution that ensures adherence to industry standards and regulations. Three guard rails protect the hatch when the door is closed and clearly mark its location to avoid tripping or damage. The hatch lid is designed with safety in mind, meeting the requirements for a leading-edge barrier when in the open position and thus not requiring an additional guardrail.

Benefits of a roof hatch Railing

Boost Confidence

Boost productivity and morale by ensuring your workers remain safe every step of the way. The roof hatch railing system minimizes the risk of accidents by providing a secure enclosure around rooftop hatches, letting workers perform their tasks swiftly and confidently. From protecting access points to enhancing safety during transitions, the system offers comprehensive protection for workers and peace of mind for employers in rooftop environments.

Safe Transitions

Ensures safe transitions through hatches with self-closing gates and grab rails. Workers can navigate rooftop hatches confidently, knowing that they have reliable support and protection throughout the process.

Fast Installation

Don’t wait for safety benefits. With straightforward installation procedures and no specialized tools required, the roof hatch railing system is easy to implement, reducing downtime. The modular design of the roof hatch railing system allows for easy customization and adjustments on-site for a tailored solution that meets specific rooftop safety requirements.

Guaranteed Compatibility

Our roof hatch railing system seamlessly integrates with existing openings and ladderways and fits every rooftop configuration and hatch size, making it totally compatible with different environments. Whether retrofitting existing infrastructure or incorporating railings into new construction, roof hatch railings offer a flexible safety solution tailored to specific rooftop configurations.

the Bottom Line

Investing in roof hatch railing is a proactive measure to enhance rooftop safety and mitigate risks. These railings ensure workers’ safety and reduce employers’ liabilities by preventing falls from open and unguarded hatches. Easy installation, long-lasting durability, and instant safety benefits: roof hatch railing provides the security northwest workers need with every ascent and descent.


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