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Simple Safety Solutions Platforms

Nothing is out of reach with these safe access solutions, custom-made to the unique needs of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Professional Delivery and Installation: Our expert installation teams make these tailored solutions fast and simple for any access problem.
  • Total Customization: Whether you need a mobile or static platform, adjustable heights, custom platform widths, or more, our team can design the perfect platforms and ladders.
  • Safe Access Wherever You Need It: We offer safety solutions that are compliant with all relevant standards.
Custom Made Roof Crossover Products


Designed to suit your exact work application as simple as a pre-engineered stock platform to a full phase style maintenance platform designed for complete 360 degree access and coverage.

Corrosion Resistant Icon


All platforms, walkways, and access systems are engineered to withstand daily frequent use and abuse from personnel and weather/environmental.

Versatile Products


A portfolio of solutions which are often designed to adapt to changing needs and allow people to work safely, whether they are on a roof or within a production environment.

Enhance Productivity


Our modular and engineered platforms, stands feature agronomic designs that improve safety and enhance productivity.

Our Service Areas:
Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho and Alaska.

The Problem: Unique Access Challenges

From irregularly shaped structures to confined spaces, traditional access solutions often fall short in addressing the unique needs of individual working environments. Workers face safety risks and operational inefficiencies when navigating these obstacles with inadequate tools, leading to potential delays, accidents, and decreased productivity. Finding access solutions tailored to these unique challenges becomes essential to ensure worker safety and optimize workflow efficiency.

The Solution: Custom Platforms

Custom platforms and step systems offer a tailored approach to addressing those challenges. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, custom platforms will meet the exact specifications of the intended environment, providing a precise fit and optimal functionality.

In our rainy northwest winters, you also need safety solutions you can count on to be durable and slip-resistant. These customized access solutions are engineered with precision to accommodate irregular shapes, limited spaces, and other unique characteristics of the environment.

Whether it’s a platform that conforms to the contours of an irregular structure or a step system that fits seamlessly into a confined space, custom solutions offer versatility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of different industries and applications.

All types of platforms

Simple Safety Solutions designs mobile and static platforms based on the precise needs of your project.
We have the right solution for your site, no matter what.

Mobile Access Platforms

With a mobile platform, you can create safe, durable, and movable access to difficult-to-reach areas. You can quickly move your platforms and ladders into place and out of the way without disrupting workflow or taking time to construct and disassemble equipment.

  • Mobile, Stable Access: You can have it all. Our mobile platforms are easy to move, completely secure, and custom-made for your job site.
  • Corrosion Resistant: We use the top materials for our platforms and ladders to resist the Pacific Northwest’s rainy climate.
  • Designed to OSHA Standards: Mobile platforms are compliant with OSHA 1910.23(e)(1)(iii), OSHA 1910.25(b)(3), OSHA 1910.23(c)(2-4), OSHA 1910.29(b)(1-3), and OSHA 1910.23(e)(1).

Static Work Platforms

For permanent access, static work platforms are a secure and reliable solution for elevated work environments, ensuring the safety and efficiency of workers performing tasks at height. We design and build our static platforms to meet the highest durability standards, making them ideal for many industrial and commercial applications.

  • Freestanding or Fixed: Depending on your needs, these static work platforms can attach in multiple ways for the most secure fit.
  • Height-Adjustable Options: Get a platform with field-adjustable heights for maximum flexibility in your work area.
  • Flexible to Your Needs: We recommend a maximum height of ten feet for our static work platforms but are happy to work with you to design the right solution for your unique needs.

Benefits of Platforms and Step Systems

Modular. Custom-made. Versatile. Platforms and Step Systems are your one-stop solution to hard-to-reach access.


Our static and mobile platforms are crafted from high-quality aluminum or galvanized steel and engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use in demanding environments. Each platform is meticulously constructed to provide maximum stability and support, offering a safe surface for workers to perform tasks with confidence. Our platforms and ladders are also made of durable, lightweight aluminum for the ultimate ease of installation.


Every workplace is unique. That’s why our static platforms are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements. We provide a CAD drawing prior to construction so you can be confident that your custom platforms and ladders will fix your project to a T. We also know that the needs of any busy workspace can change at a fast pace, so our platforms and ladders can be quickly modified to a new configuration of your choosing. Whether you need a platform with a particular size, shape, or configuration, our team of experts will work with you to design a solution that fits your needs.


Our static platforms feature a user-friendly design and simple installation process so that they can be quickly and easily installed in virtually any workspace. Smaller platforms can even be delivered fully assembled, though they still require an inspection before use. Our professional installers can quickly assemble larger platforms on-site for maximum safety and efficiency. Plus, our platforms are low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to stay in optimal condition.


The Pacific Northwest’s climate poses unique challenges, and you need the right tools to tackle them. Our platforms and ladders are designed to provide maximum protection for workers at height and include a range of safety features, including guardrails, toe boards, and non-slip surfaces. Each platform is rigorously tested to ensure compliance with industry safety standards, giving you peace of mind knowing that your workers are safe and secure.


From warehouses and manufacturing facilities to construction sites and retail environments, platforms are suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you need a platform for maintenance, inspection, or general access, our solutions offer the versatility and flexibility to meet your needs.

the Bottom Line

By investing in custom platforms and step systems, organizations can ensure workers have safe and efficient access to even the most challenging areas. These tailored solutions minimize safety risks, enhance workflow efficiency, and improve overall productivity by getting workers where they need to go safely, no matter the obstacle.


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