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1 & 10-Year Anchor Testing & Certification

At Simple Safety Solutions, we offer OSHA compliant Anchor Testing and Certifications that prevent workplace fall hazards and help mitigate employer risk.

Annual Inspections

OSHA 1926.1412 mandates that anchors must be inspected and certified annually. Our technicians will perform the yearly inspection, making sure your anchors are in OSHA compliance. At the completion of a passing of the inspection, Simple Safety Solutions will provide you with a Compliance Certification Document.

10 Year Load Test Certification

OSHA 1910.27, ANSI/IWCA I-14.1-2001, and ASME A120.1-2014 mandates that anchors must be re-tested at a minimum of ten-year intervals by a Competent and qualified person. Simple Safety Solutions is that Competent and qualified person.

Our technicians will perform a load test and inspection, making sure anchors are in OSHA compliance. At the completion of a passing of the load test & inspection, Simple Safety Solutions will provide a load test report & Compliance Certification Document.

Ladders & Platforms

Increase employee safety and satisfy OSHA requirements by installing ladder and vertical fall protection on your existing ladder systems. Our technicians can provide solutions to safely access roof tops.

Training & Education

We can provide your workforce with OSHA compliant fall protection and safety training. Our comprehensive curriculum provides employees who may be exposed to fall hazards with critical, life-saving information on recognizing fall hazards and how to minimize them

Are You in Compliance?

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Why Simple Safety Solutions

Simple Safety Solutions has been providing companies, contractors and end users across the West Coast with Anchor Testing, Certifications and Fall Protection solutions to create a safer, OSHA compliant work environment that mitigates employer risk.

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